Project Car Update!
     I have the six between the rails and it fits real good with the exception of the firewall, I had to cut some of it away. I am going to make a new complete floor pan so I might as well make a firewall too. The rocker boxes and supports are gone so instead of trying to make a near stock floor pan I am going to do a little customizing to the rocker area and get rid of the chrome strip along the bottom.  I had made new motor mounts but messed up the machining so I have to make new ones. I had hoped to get it running and driving by June 2005 but I may not make it, oh well so much for the best made plans. I purchased a new Painless wiring harness and I am glad I spent the money, I don't have to cut apart the one I robbed from a 1977 Dodge, what a pain that would have been. The blower I got from my brother is in pretty good shape and it should not cost too much to refurbish. I will have to make a manifold for it which may or may not present a problem, I am thinking of using a Hyper-Pak long runner style but the aluminum tubing that I have found so far has square corners instead of round ones this is not usable for intake runners. I will probably have to make the runners out of formed and welded channel to make a tube but I can form standard seamless tubing but I don't know how well welded tubing will form, at this time it is not important since I am going to use what I have for now. I  have noticed that all manifolds for the slant are single plane and I have designed a dual plane manifold. I don't know how well it will work until I build one and try it. I need to go work on the Desoto so I will add more later.
"Keep the shiny side up." Mike M, Gear Head
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